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Impressions Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts, Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

This isn't a World Cup game, but there's plenty of soccer action and our mate Ken pops up now and again in his managerial capacity to offer advice. Sadly Ken's advice is of little use. You start the game by choosing the number of teams playing (1- 4), the game speed (normal or fast), the name of the teams participating, the skill level (1-9) and finally the game length. 10, 20, 40 or 90 minutes are on offer - and you're advised go for the 10 minute option!

You're then whisked to the pitch where your players (and the opposition) stand waiting for the whistle. The game is seen a side-on with the players moving from left to right. As with most footy games the controlled player is highlighted by an arrow.

The computer picks the player nearest the ball, and this very often causes much frustration when an opposing player moves off screen and the computer takes several seconds to decide which players you should take control of! Aaargh!

Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match didn't impress me in the least, the stupid comments made by Kenny at the start and end of the game are only matched by the useless players. They all resemble pot bellied dwarves who wander to the side of the pitch when not watched closely. And as for the ball! Most of the time it simply trails behind the player in control. Even when it seemed some control was gained the player regularly lost the ball for no readily apparent reason. Take my advice, save your money and stick to watching The Manageress on TV.

MARK ... 40%


'I've just about had enough of football. And now to add insult to injury Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match is here. Twenty two deformed hunchbacks hobble around a green expanse of play area with no apparent purpose. With the likes of Matchday II I'd thought the days of computer players standing in a corner with dubious intent was past, but this game reintroduces that nasty 'feature'. And as for Kenny appearing throughout the game with his useless advise, give me Matchday II anytime.' NICK ... 44%

Ignore Kenny's advice, take ours: avoid this disappointing football game.