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Derek Brewster
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Roger Willis, Dave Nicholls
Chris Bourne

Dave: Kentilla is a text and graphics adventure by Derek Brewster, and a follow-up to his very successful Velnor's Lair. The story follows on from the previous adventure with 'baddie' Grako taking over from Velnor; he's hungry for the Moonstone of Algrath the source of Velnor's power. Mr Brewster writes an adventure column for a certain Spectrum games review magazine, where he gives each adventure a rating under five different headings. It seems fair, therefore, to rate his own adventure in the same way.

Atmosphere:The graphics are good but, as Derek has himself said, most graphics are no substitute for good text; his are no exception.

Vocabulary: Kentilla has a very good input editor which behaves rather like the Basic line editor.

Logic: After some three hours of play I was still stuck within a 10-location section, while trying everything I could think of to progress. I must have missed something but either it's too obvious to notice (if so, then apologise to Mr Brewster) or it's completely illogical.

Debugging: Very good.

Overall: I'd have expected something better from someone who tells people what's wrong with their adventures. 2/5 MISS

Ross: A reasonable enough adventure with good edit and recall facilities. I didn't like the way it lists out objects, exits and so on. and the puzzles were a bit too puzzling for me. 2/5 MISS

Roger: Is our hero's surname meant to be Livingstone or do we need to move further North and interpret this as a mystical allegory on a quiet day at the National Union of Miners? Did Grako cross picket lines when he returned to the abyss? Am I mad? 4/5 HIT