Phipps Associates
Tony Barber
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

Dilwyn Jones, Ieuan Davis, Gerralt Jones
Chris Bourne

A killer knight has captured your companion, so naturally it's your duty to carry out a rescue. Unfortunately, KK is not above doing everything in his power to stop you reaching the tower...

Dilwyn: For some reason I expected this to be a text-only adventure, when actually it's a machine code graphic arcade game. I didn't go for the choice of keys - but then it's also possible to use a Kempston joystick. 7/10

Ieuan: A 12th century blend of Donkey Kong and Digger. It's quite fast, indeed sometimes too fast. The knight moves and sounds like a cricket, and I also found that jumping slows down the graphics. 7/10

Gerralt: Only a highest score is shown onscreen - you're not even given the satisfaction of seeing your name in lights! 7/10