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Elite Systems Ltd
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Robin Candy, Lloyd Mangram
Chris Bourne

Use of Computer: 82%
Graphics: 88%
Playability: 83%
Getting Started: 83%
Addictive Qualities: 83%
Value for Money: 85%
Overall: 84%

It was about this time last year that we were first subjected to the merciless hype approach of Elite with their first release, Kokotoni Wilf, boasting that is would knock JSW of its perch.

Legend has it that several hundred years ago in a province of Northern Europe there lived a magician by the name of Ulrich, who discovered that the famous Dragon Amulet had been fragmented and the pieces scattered through time. Being too old and infirm, Ulrich could not go on a mission to recover the pieces himself. So he summoned his young protege, Kokotoni Wilf, to his presence and bade him to go and fetch all the parts of the amulet. The only help Ulrich could give was to create a time gate that would take Kokotoni Wilf to another time zone and more fragments but only when all the fragments in his present time zone were collected.

Your task is to guide Wilf around the maze of rooms and collect all the fragments of the Dragon Amulet for Ulrich.

Kokotoni Wilf is essentially a platform game with a couple of differences - instead of jumping from platform to platform you can fly. This may seem very easy but it does take a while before you can actually 'pilot' Wilf competently. The graphics are quite good but they weren't really that much better than those found in JSW just a bit more varied. Sound was a bit limited but that didn't detract from the overall feel of the game. Kokotoni Wilf was and still is very playable but it isn't that addictive, once you have visited all the time zones you rapidly lose interest. As platform games go it is a very good one which is still worth getting if you're a lover of this type of game.

I must admit that while I liked the look of Kokotoni Wilf, I never found the game itself that thrilling to play. Although the different graphics of each Time Zone added something to its overall flavour, that alone wasn't enough for me to get very excited. It did pretty well in CRASH at the time (my not having a hand in the review of it!), but I don't think it would get much above the mid-seventies now.

(Rob) I wouldn't fiddle with the ratings too much just take down the addictive qualities and the overall percentage down by about 5%

(Lloyd) Whereas I would want to knock both those down by at least 15%