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Anirog Software
S.J. Dann
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Passey, Matthew Uffindell
Chris Bourne

A different story here - this a more of a Kong copy and quite reasonable. It contains quite good graphics and is possibly the most colourful. The keys are well laid out, making it very playable. Four screens featuring barrels, fireballs, lifts etc. Bonuses are available in the form of umbrellas and handbags, and there's a time limit to deter waiting around. The jumping is rather quick and needs careful timing though.

This version doesn't start off too well - no screen page, and the inlay says nothing about joystick options although once loaded it informs you that it's Kempston compatible (sigh - unplug computer, fit interface and reload). A demo autoruns after 30 seconds. Screen 1 looks like screen 2 of the arcade original except there are no conveyor belts, screen 2 is very much like screen 1 but with more ladders leading up to the next platform. There are lifts on the third screen, but only the fourth screen looks like the original, where you must pull blocks out of the floor and watch Kong fall. The demo had nice smooth graphics, but the game didn't. I found the jump disappointing - you must jump when a fireball is right against you, or you'll land on top of it. The colour and sound is well used, and a fair game can be played on this version, although I think Anirog have overdone it on the ladders.