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Ocean Software Ltd
Paul Owens
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Passey, Matthew Uffindell
Chris Bourne

Ocean's Kong is a close copy to the original. It starts off well with Kong making his entry, climbing to the top, then stomping and causing the girders to slope. Now the ape starts the barrels rolling. They go sideways down the ladder, Killer Kong's seemed to favour falling through holes). There are a total of four screens, featuring fireballs and elevators as well. The graphics in this game are the best of all, and are large (terrifyingly large barrels), well animated and fast. The man jumps well, in fact he goes so high his head passes through the next floor up. The keys are well laid out, it's Kempston compatible and there's a training mode.

It takes a long time to load, but it's worth the wait. A screen appears with five options, keyboard, Kempston joystick, Quickshot and Protek interfaces, demo mode and training mode. All four screens are identical to the arcade original - even the detail of the ape smashing down the girders into different angles at the start. Graphics are big, bright and smooth with just the right amount of ladders. Even the hammer on the second platform is there, to enable you to smash the barrels for bonus points. None of the other games has this feature. Tunes are played at the start and end of a screen, and at the start it says, 'How high can you get?' - just like the original. I think this Kong is the best one.