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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts, Richard Eddy
Chris Bourne

A hh! Skwibbtes are wittie cuts cweatures wiv poppy out' eyes and big bellies (Nick dissolves into a gooey mess). And only you can stop them from becoming extinct. They are dotted around the planet Kosmos and you must rescue them and return them to Earth. It may sound like an easy mission, and it would be if the inhabitants of Kosmos weren't so nasty and your space ship hadn't broken.

The Skwibbles are also hungry little fellows and you must keep stuffing them with space fruit otherwise they will keel over and pop off.

You can pick up objects, some useful and some not, as well as buying them from space traders. Bits of spaceship and a refueller are the main things on the shopping list (get time some milk too Nick- Nick's mum). ID cards are also very useful.

I really love the way Kosmos is put together. It's full of jokes and cartoony bits that will have you in stitches. For example, when all your energy has gone, your little spaceman comes onto the screen and kicks a bucket (ha, ha!). All the graphics are very detailed with a good use of colour, making the game a joy to play. There is a jolly tune on the title screen and effects during play. I recommend Kosmos to anybody and everybody, so go out and get it now!