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ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


THE KRAKIT competition, launched in England by Artic Computing and in the U.S. by an American publishing firm, has generated a good deal of interest in the software business.

The program you have to buy to enter the competition is different from any other we have reviewed, because it lists only a series of riddles and allows you to store the answers which you have for them.

The ZX-81 version is loaded in two parts. The rules are given first, along with a fairly impressive graphic animation display of a key turning in a lock. The computer shows a menu to the competition entrant, from which you can find how to fill in the entry card you receive with the package, see an example riddle and how it is solved, or go to the second part of the program which lists the riddles.

The second part reveals the 12 clues. The entrant will need to find the name of a country, a name for a town and a number.

We looked at all the questions and the easiest seemed to be question two which, with a little help, we think we have solved.

Krakit is available from Artic Computing, 396 James Reckitt Avenue, Hull, North Humberside. The program is available for the ZX-81 and the Spectrum at £9.95.

Not Rated