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Axis Software
Not Known
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Dilwyn Jones, Gerralt Jones, Brian Pedlar
Chris Bourne

Labyrinth is a graphical 3D maze program for all who enjoy getting lost in a good game (ouch!). The plot is the simplest possible - just choose the maze size from four-by-four to 10-by-15, and off you go. You can give up at any time or you can ask for a brief glimpse of the mess you're in.

Dilwyn: A great game, which could probably have been expanded to form an adventure. The graphics are still impressive even though they've been around since '82. 9/10

Gerralt: 200 moves is the most allowed. Mostly Basic, the important fast bits are in machine code. However, drawing a 'help' plan is very slow. 8/10

Brian: It could have made a reasonable adventure if there had been some treasure or monsters to watch out for. The graphics are pretty good. 7/10