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Mastertronic Ltd
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Pete Shaw
Chris Bourne

Though Mastertronic seems to churn out more games for £1.99 than the Ed can comments, with each new release the quality doubles, which is more than can be said of the Ed's witticisms. (You'll be sorry! Ed)

In Lap Of The Gods you play an odd robot type being, whose aim is to collect a total of 48 effigies and deliver them to the waiting eight Gods of Zzarm. Why? Because you're trapped in a comet's vortex, and that's the only way you're gonna get the buried Crystals of Zzarm, silly. Once you get your sweaty mitts on the Crystals, take them to the Gods and they'll get you back home.

Having never encountered a comet's vortex before I was surprised to find how structured it was. Bricks, mortar, pillars and stuff, plus a whole load of 'Devil incarnations' who've a nasty habit of stealing your effigies. Luckily for you, progression in the game earns you all sorts of tools to aid in the task of dealing with such nasties, plus anything else that stands between you and the crystals.

Lap Of The Gods should worry those software houses who are still producing rubbish at three times the price, 'cos this game is quite simply excellent. Good use of sound, colour and graphics all combine to produce one of Mastertronic's best games this summer. Don't pass a software shop without letting this one fall into your lap.