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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

This one's a flip-screen dash-around-a-maze type thing, which plays pretty much like that ancient Ultimate game, Underworld, not that that's too much of a bad thing though. This time though you're running about Whitley Bay (!) attempting to drive a stake through Dracula's heart (!!) who's on holiday with a couple of friends in the area at the time (!!!). This is done by running around the colourful screens in search of money, which can in turn be used in the shop (if you can find it) to buy a stake (to kill him with and complete the game), keys (to get you into new areas), garlic (to keep old Drac-pants away) and other things like that. You've also got to avoid the baddies (which kill you) and try not to get too lost. And it's all pretty good stuff - it may be very simple, and even a bit 'old-fashioned', but it's still very playable.

By the way. as I've said, this game is set in the seaside town of Whitley Bay. And guess where I went for my summer holiday this year. That's right. Spain. Spooky, eh?


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What it may lack in originality of gameplay, it more than makes up for in choice of location. Whitley Bay, eh? It's a first!