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Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Earwig-oh! Earwig-oh! Earwig-oh! Yep, footie fans, here comes anotherin this month's load of footie games. Can you take on the responsibilities of soccer managership and lead your team from the bottom of division four to the top of the league? This game'll put you to the test.

It's a cheap and cheerful cut-down version of more thorough (and expensive) management simulations. You must pick, train and field your best team, while at the same time coping with the transfer market, injuries to your players and the different skills of your opponents in defence, midfield and attack. A cinch, eh?

There are four divisions of sixteen clubs and you always start at the bottom of division four. You only have eleven players in you squad to begin with, so you'll have to start trading early in the transfer market to build up your numbers to the maximum of fifteen. Be careful that you don't plunge to more than £250,000 in the red, though, or you'll be relegated back to the bottom of division four.

The game goes through midweek transfers, training and the match itself. Here you have a chance before the game to change your team to counter your opponents strength. Once the match is over the other results come in and a new league table is given, so that you can see whether you've gone up or down.

It'd be churlish to chastise this cheapie as a cheapskate ripoff, but if you're really interested in the great game, maybe you'd be better off saving your money and going for the real thing!