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Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Terry Pratt
Chris Bourne

Atlantis' League Challenge is not quite Football Manager at not quite £2.

Four divisions with 16 teams in each, one cup competition and excruciatingly slow results sequences and league table compilations are evidence of the low rent nature of this game.

The latest manager signing on at the job centre is Orient's Brian Docherty. I chose him for League Challenge and Big Bri - as the East London club's fans had dubbed their cigar-smoking, champagne drinking manager - left his club languishing in the bottom four of the third division. Having spent lavishly on players and despite pulling Orient out of the fourth division he put the club into the red.

Your managerial chores include, deciding on the team's training, buying and selling players, picking the team and cheering n' hollering: "Save it" or "Score! I paid £90,000 for you, Rush you dodo," as the computer plays out the brief highlights of your games.

Not too much to do and a season can really drag by, waiting for another game's results. The aim is to pack the team with skilful players and then whip them into shape by training and judicious resting, before matching defence, midfield and attack points against your rivals.

The computer weighs the odds heavily against you - even changing the rules(!) and some very bizarre tactics are needed to succeed.

"What about your allegation of cheating Brian?"

"I can't comment as I am putting all the facts before the FA Committee but Bury fielded more than 11 players in their away game against Orient."

"And the sacking...?"

"The players are, of course, over the moon."

"Was there no warning?"

"Well Elton, I knew I was in trouble after the chairman's vote of confidence in me"

Label: Atlantis
Author: Nigel Edwards
Price: £1.99
Joystick: none
Memory: 48K/128K
Reviewer: Terry Pratt


There are better football manager games but it's probably tough to find one tougher. Only for the extremely patient.


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Star players often go to pieces at the end of a season so sell them before game 15.

For the same reason make your big signings early in a season.

If you're going to get whopped anyway, rest all the tired looking players. I often played with seven or eight men and still only lost by the odd goal.