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Mastertronic Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Sumner, Bym Welthy, Ben Stone
Chris Bourne

In an alien four-storey low-rise block, an information-gathering 'penetration-orb' is exploring the intricacies of each floor, shown on a bird's-eye-view map. But alien Cybernauts are in pursuit, firing their robotic socks off.

The orb's survival depends upon finding the small stock of weapons hidden around the complex and using them to reach the Cybernauts' own security computer. Controlling the penetration-orb, you can choose weapons by manoeuvring over an armoury point.

A force shield gives this globular sleuth some degree of protection, but it can be damaged and eventually destroyed by hits from alien weaponry and contact with the Cybernauts themselves.

Still, shield and weapon energy can be recharged at the complex's energy points.

If the menacing Cybernauts are beaten off by the fast-moving orb, they dematerialise only to reappear, faster, fitter, stronger, veritable Arnold Schwarzeneggers among androids, all thirsting after the penetration-orb ' s oily blood.

But as long as you can survive them, you can move to another floor - at least the lifts are in working order.


'At first sight Level 5 looks like a bad Gauntlet clone, with terrible graphics viewed from above. But it has a strange addictive quality which makes me want to keep playing, and some original, attractive little touches; the sliding doors (which automatically open when you approach them), for instance, and the lift, in which you can choose floors.' PAUL … 52%

'Maze games just don't seem to go out - and that's surprising when you look at Level 5. Though the scrolling is smooth and the graphics are good, there's not much challenge in the boring task. Here's a playing tip in advance, though: the nasties get too nasty if one of their fellows gets the chop, so don't kill any! All you have to do is find the information you need and Bob's your uncle!' BYM … 65%

'A lot more imagination should have gone into Level 5. It's simplistic and primitive. There's a bit of fun to be had, but it won't take long for most players to get bored. The graphics, poorly-defined characters, scrolling and very limited sound also leave a lot to be desired.' BEN … 43%

Joystick: Kempston
Graphics: bad scrolling of simple characters on a monochromatic play area
Sound: appealing
Options: definable keys, one or two players
General Rating: A simple maze game - but perhaps too simple, and spoiled by its graphics.


Screenshot Text

Level 5: fatal floors.