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Automata UK Ltd
Jon Smith
Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Roger Willis, Ron Smith, David Lester
Chris Bourne

Roger: Like most well-written adventure programs, Crusoe gives the impression of literacy and intelligence to the humble ZX Spcccy and, as someone who badly needs his severely flagging ego flattered by any means possible, I have to admit enjoying this desert island experience.

Screen format includes both a parchment logbook and one of a number of maps charting the castaway's position. The action involves shuffling the poor old soul round the island, feeding and watering him when required, and looking for all the available 'finds' to assist his survival. Apart from not letting him starve to death, the player also has to steer him around a selection of static and mobile hazards, as well as correctly answering his questions; he even responds in a like manner to unprintable abuse!

Gradually, his well-being improves and his lifestyle becomes more civilised - but how on earth do you get to find Man Friday? Well, he can stay in the undergrowth for all I care!

The complications, vaguely intellectual demands on the player and wittily detailed graphics, are at the core of Crusoe's ability to amuse. 4/5 HIT

David: Jerky graphics and poor sound did not endear me to this desert island disaster - all the elements are there... it just doesn't quite work. 2/5 MISS

Ron: Well. I'm not quite sure what the idea of the game really is, but I spent ages trying to find the mysterious Man Friday. Has anyone out there found him yet? 3/5 HIT