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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Mark Caswell, Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

The place: a corridor. The speed: light. The task: to bounce a ball down the corridor and complete various challenges. Yes, you guessed it: it's Break Out in 3D!

The Light Corridor is the latest in a long line of wonderfully weird games from Infogrames. In its isometric 3D environment, you use a transparent racquet to guide a metallic sphere through the obstacles that each level holds. Horrors like sliding walls, intelligent blocks that follow you around the screen and devilishly difficult challenges soon have your head spinning.

Floating icons can be collected just by bumping into them and either help or hinder your progress. There are score decreases, double-sized racquets, and icons which make the sphere stick to the racquet. It's not just a matter of collecting everything you see - you have to be careful.

The game seems really simple when the ball is coasting along in a straight line, but once it's hit a wall and spun off in another direction, life gets a bit more complicated. It's not long before you're manoeuvring the racquet all over the screen desperately trying to save your sphere.

The Light Corridor features 50 levels but in case you get fed up with those the game has an editor facility. Using this you can let your imagination run wild and have great fun making impossible corridors for your friends to attempt.

The editor is simple to use: the types of obstacle appear at the bottom of the screen and you use a pointer to select what you want and how far down the corridor it's positioned.

Break Out-style games are nothing new, but The Light Corridor adds a whole new dimension to the game style. As well as being pretty amazing graphically, it has a good audio side. There are tunes for each level, sound effects and even Prince samples to keep your ears ringing (that's Prince the pop star, not Prince Charles!).

Anyone who thought that Arkanoid was the ultimate in ball-bashing games has just got to play The Light Corridor. It's addictive beyond belief and there are none of the hassles of having to start from level one again when you get killed, thanks to the password system.

As well as being a good way to get rid of frustration (all that ball battering), this game will also test some of your brain skills. The mega-challenges you get every four levels take some working out, and when the ball is getting more and more out of control it can be a hair raising experience!

I recommend The Light Corridor to all tans of simple but wildly addictive games. See the light and get your copy today!

NICK ... 88%


'Arrgh! This game is so frustrating! No sooner do I fire the hall up the corridor than it flies back at me at warp factor nine! But after I'd calmed down a bit (and luckily failed in my attempt to throw the Speccy out of the window), I really enjoyed playing The Light Corridor. The editor option is a great feature, allowing you to be a really nasty git and build a corridor your friends can't beat (snigger). Graphics are simple but effective. Also of note is the funky tune that plays on the title page and in the game. The Light Corridor is fun to play and mess around with in the editor mode, buy it immediately (if not sooner).' MARK ... 85%

A highly addictive game that give the Break Out theme a whole new lease of life.


Screenshot Text

Thwack! Send that sphere hurtling down the corridor. Mind out, it might bounce off the barriers!

Two bats! Yippee! Actually, this makes things jolly confusing.