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Cartoon Time
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

"If you liked the Dizzy games, you'll love this" remarks the back of the cassette inlay - and I couldn't agree more because this has got to be the biggest Dizzy rip-off since Dizzy itself. Of course, we all know what Dizzy was about since it was on the Cover Tape a few issues back - y'know, the one where you're that little egg chappy roaming about solving puzzles and generally bouncing about all over the shop. Of course, as soon as someone said that they liked it those Codies released another trillion Dizzy games to follow as he went on his travels from place to place.

And I can see the same happening with Little Puff too - 'cos, unfortunately, I (sort of) like it. As the title may suggest, you're Puff (as in Puff the Magic Dragon, I presume) - a large, green, colour-clashing dragon who lives in Dragonland, but who's got a bit lost and just wants to go home to his mum for tea. The puzzles are of the 'pick up and use the correct object at the right time' breed, really a case of the more you play, the further you get, if you narta-mean. It's colourful, it's cute and at a mere three nicker we're talking barg city.


Screenshot Text

Oi, scram! That doughnut's mine! (It's a good thing Little Puff took a miss on the mouth wash this morning, eh, Spec-chums?)