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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Derek Brewster
Chris Bourne

Fridaysoft was formed by six Spectrum adventure enthusiasts who felt it was time that adventures moved away from the usual fantasy settings with their demonic bunch of hobgoblins, dragons and other things which have adventurers for supper. This adventure has been designed to pertain somewhat to the real world as it tries to keep reasonably geographically consistent with its chosen theme London (you know, that place south of Milton Keynes.)

They say that a man who is tired of London is tired of life but who ever said this obviously never got out of the taxi. What better than to put your feet up and visit the sights via a computer. This game has over one hundred locations most of which will be familiar even to those who thought Middlesex was a mid-life crisis. The aim of the adventure is to find the combination of a safe deposit box. The numbers that make up this combination are hidden within locations and objects you find. Unless you complete the game within a certain number of turns, a shadowy figure will prevent you claiming the inheritance. What a meanie!

See if you can guess whereabouts in London this description relates to: 'I am on board the Cutty Sark. The well scrubbed deck reflects the sunlight. The smell of pitch fills my nostrils. I can here the sighing of the wind in the lofty rigging. I can see a naval tableau with figures clad in a costume of a bygone era. I can see a sword in a scabbard.'

London Adventure is a very long text only Quilled game. The fact that it is based on a real geography makes the game very interesting. The plot is commendably lucid and would keep any adventurer well absorbed.


Difficulty: fairly easy
Graphics: none
Presentation: poor
Input facility: v/n
Response: instant
General Rating: London on a plate.