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Derek Jones
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Lotus-Soft, 16K £4.95 (1)
Author: Derek Jones
The title indicates that if you want a lady hero you can load side 2 instead of side 1 for Lord Harry. The inebriated Lord is lost In his friends ornate garden the morning after the night before. He must wander round, eating mushrooms to keep alive, whilst trying to find the secret exit. There are four interlinked gardens all full of puddles and trees in addition to mushrooms. The trees bar his way, the puddles lose a life - and to make matters worse there are two guard dogs chasing around after him. In one of the gardens there is a poisonous mushroom which, if Lord Harry eats it, is the end of him unless he finds the exit within 99 seconds. Reasonably well laid out control keys, attractive use of colour, but perhaps more aimed at the younger player rather than the arcade freak. Joystick: Kempston. Good value for money, overall CRASH rating 63% M/C.