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Keith Owens
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


AQUARIUS for the 16K Spectrum will remind any aspiring James Bond just how perilous life can be under water. You have to imagine that you are the commander of a frogman team whose mission is to destroy the death machines an enemy government has built in an underwater cavern.

At the beginning of the game you are given a secret colour code to remember, your eventual aim being to shoot at the colours in the correct sequence to wipe out the enemy lair.

You may find, however, that proceeding that far is an impossible task. You will he pursued by jellyfish, poisonous sea squirts and sharks, and if none of those gets you, you can be blown up by mines or entangled in deadly weeds at the bottom. You can shoot your way out of trouble, scoring points as you do so, but remember that the shark, which even after you have avoided it advances towards you from the other side, must be shot square in the head. To add to your troubles, you must remember to pick up oxygen tanks on your way or you will die from lack of air.

If you manage to survive the first set of hazards, level two offers a jagged cave to swim through, with an electric barrier at the end of it.

The number and awkward placing of the keys needed to play Aquarius present an additional challenge and you may find it easier to succeed in your mission if you use a joystick.

Aquarius is available from Bug-Byte, Mulberry House, Canning Place, Liverpool L1 8JB and ccts £5.95.

Not Rated