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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

You know what? I thought I'd just about had it with platform games. Then I review two of them in the same blimmin' issue! Cor blimey. Well, here we go.

You play the role of an astronaut who has to comb the platforms (and those are really unkempt platforms, guys) of some subterranean catacombs. What makes this peerless hero brave the hot-foots, the spikes in the floor, the animated space suits, the fear and the unmitigated peril of it all? He searches, he yearns, for the sight of... barrels!!! He collects different coloured barrels? Er... just a minute, did I miss something here? Are we still talking about the same game?

Nope, it's all there in the pixels. Our hero is risking lives and certain deresolution for the sake of a bevvy of multicoloured barrels, which are scattered around in various hard-to-get-at little places in the maze.

Admittedly this is a budget game, and as such can't really be criticised for the lack of attention to detail, like its illogical and arbitrary plot, because really neat games cost a lot to make. But, though it's another platform game, it's not bad - even if it's not very taxing on the old brain muscles. Not only are the problems too easy to solve, but I didn't find it addictive enough to make me even want to solve them.