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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Matthew Uffindell, Lloyd Mangram
Chris Bourne

Use of Computer: 90%
Graphics: 99%
Playability: 95%
Getting Started: 90%
Addictive Qualities: 95%
Value for Money: 100%
Overall: 95%

This game was eagerly awaited after the thrills of Ultimate's first game Jetpac. Would it be an improvement? Everyone thought so because Ultimate had insisted on being 16K before - this was the first 48K game.

When Atic Atac appeared about a month after Jetman's release, Jetman seems to have been forgotten. I don't know why - it still greatly appeals to me; but has lost some of its addictive qualities, which is odd considering it still has fantastic playability. It's the same frantic, impossible game that it ever was and is worth buying if you love fast, detailed shoot em up graphics.

My first reaction initially to Jetman was all the keys - what a handful! Our review then said, 'Marvellous seems an inadequate word.' A statement I would still agree with now. Ultimate had managed in a short space of time and with very few games to establish themselves as a leading software house with 'state of the art' programs. Jetman was certainly ace. Today it is still playable, as witness its popularity among hi-score freaks (who did not forget it when Atic Atac came out) and because of the massive nature of the game, remains as addictive as ever. Incidentally, recent rumours that trailers have been spotted in the game are purely imaginative, as Ultimate could not fit the trailer in the width of the screen.

(Matthew) On use of computer, I would still argue that the many keys make it hard to play, but that responsiveness makes up for it. In general I would say that all the ratings were just a little bit over the top.

(Lloyd) Well I'm afraid I wouldn't change a thing, not even that extravagant 100% for money value.