Mikro-Gen Ltd
Adventure: Text
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Mikrogen, 48K £6.95
To prove how much fun a BASIC written adventure can be try this little domestic ditty. As hen-pecked husband, Henry, steal your wife's money. Creep out of the hOu5e without waking baby or tripping over the wailing moggy, and have a night out on the town at the casino an other similarly unsavoury places. The problem is that your wife, dear Martha, is an escapee from Friday the 13th Part Six 4D, a homicidal maniac with an axe! Good vocabulary and an invariable program that that resembles a word maze. Getting things in absolutely the correct order is the name of the game here. But if you are too clever there are very tricky little arcade sequences included. To purists these may be upsetting, but they do liven up the adventure. If you have tried Mad Martha and enjoyed it then try.