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The Mad Guys
Not Known
Scene Demo
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

With nary a Nutty Boy in sight, this is a rather sweet and unpretentious four-part demo. It's another celebration-of-the-scrolly demo. Part One has a smooth bitty message sliding along while a single line jumps up and down enthusiastically in time to the music. Part Two is a neatly-presented greetings section, with lurching-out-of-the-ground text and a very nice fill-in-the-logo-drawing effect. (Don't baffle us with all these technical terms. Ed) Part Three has three single-height scrollies (a bit like Pokerama, actually) with some flashing lights and whizzy colour bars, while Part Four has a pseudo-3D scrolling chessboard effect that's pretty eye-wrecking. It also has a completely horrible scrolly - the thing's been written in pidgin English with phrases like 'put yer eyez on da rite-hand site of de zkreen.' Ugh. My third complaint is the loader - it even pulls the old 'R Tape loading error' gag. How quaint. But! I like it.


Screenshot Text

Who teaches these people English, eh? Do they do this 'retoreecal' business deliberately? Is it some kind of cruel joke? Or is X-Terminator just having a private joke? Programmers, eh? I diskard them uterly.