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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Gambling: Games
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Yet another fruit machine sim on the market (I think we all know what computer programmers spend all their money on, don't we?), but Arcade Fruit Machine is not, sadly, one of the best. It's playable enough, as you'd expect - the graphics are perfectly acceptable and I have no complaints about speed. But with some of the more recent sims becoming really rather advanced - and needing about as much concentration and brainpower as a flight sim - this could be a little too straight forward for modern tastes. I suppose we've just been spoilt really - CodeMasters' recent Fruit Machine Simulator 2 is light years ahead, and Zeppelin is probably just nine months late. At £2.99, too, it's a touch on the pricey side. For younger players only perhaps (if, that is, you don't mind younger players mucking around with fruit machines). For the rest, the CodeMasters title is a better bet.