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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Firebird BleepLoad

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

3D Pool? Isn't that a flip screen platform and ladders Monty Mole-esque game requiring pixel-perfect jumping, shooting, and manoeuvering in order to out-puzzle each screen in turn?

Nope. That's Rick Dangerous. 3D Pool is in fact a 3D pool game, the '3D' part arriving via the impressively fast shaded monochrome graphics where (in an original feature) the table is rotated and titled around the cue for direction, spin and strength setting purposes, and the 'Pool' from the fact that you can play the computer in a tournament, your friend in two player mode, or when times are lonely, yourself in two-player mode.

And as a 3D pool game, 3D Pool couldn't be much better, the graphics are a treat and the game play instantly accessible, addictive, and enjoyable. It is easy to pot the balls (but not to beat the computer opponents) and you can even design and then play trick shots if you like. The only problem as that the computer has to 'think' for agges before playing even the most straight forward shot. Frustrated? You will be. And then there's the argument that any pool game, 3D or not, will inevitably get doing after a while. But then again there's the argument that for four quid, you couldn't really buy a much better 3D pool game than this. Personally, I'd give my vote for the latter.


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Geoff prepared to play the shot that would decide the match. It was quiet. Too quiet. So Daphne turned on the stereo.

Life on the table was seldom dull. Between games the balls would discuss Schopenhauser.