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Melbourne House
John F. Cain
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Andy Moss
Chris Bourne

Here it is! The ultimate frustrating telly bashing, making the blood pressure go through the roof type game that you can actually devise your own devilishly difficult telly-bashing design. Mnn-hm - that famed original Marble Madness is back as a construction set.

I must admit a certain fondness for Marble Madness. The coin-op spawned so many small-screen lookalikes last spring - with the like of Gyroscope (hmm, wasn't that Melbourne House also?), Spindizzy, Bobby Bearing and even bits of Quazatron.

What you get is this. An already-in-memory track of 10 screens, each one progressively harder with all the pitfalls - other marbles, holes where holes shouldn't be, topsy turvey logs, and anti-magnetic slopes.

THen you can twiddle around and alter this track in any way by simple cursor movement, either that or you can add on additional tracks.#

When you load up you get a menu and it's from this that you can either change controls, Edit, Save/Load or Play.

Choosing Edit puts you into the heart of the construction system and you can choose any of the 10 screens to work on. Simply move the cursor on to any of the shapes that are displayed at the side of the screen and press Fire.

This throws up your selected piece on to the screen for you to place where necessary. Also in view and selected by cursor are colours for both background and track, a text facility, wall or hole pieces and various traps to decorate the game with.

GO and get MMCS!

Label: Melbourne House
Price: £8.95
Memory: 48K/128K
Reviewer: Andy Moss


This is a perfect example of how to tear your hair out in one easy lesson. It's so maddeningly addictive, it's dangerous.