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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

More Venom from Gremlin.

Boulder Hill, the home of do-gooders M.A.S.K. is the starting point for another attack against do-badders VE.N.O.M. That Vicious, Evil, Network Of Mayhem have upset everybody by kidnapping the president and it's down to you to save him.

The game is played over a right-to-left scrolling terrain (full of flying, crawling, swimming and driving VENOM agents) with the player controlling one of three MASK vehicles. Initially the player has to make his choice of vehicle from a selection of five possibles. Each one has peculiar characteristics which have to be considered before selection Thunderhawk (car) can transform into an airborne attack craft at will, whereas Gator turns into a high speed power boat on contact with water. Switching between vehicles is easily achieved at the press of a key, and is necessary in order to complete the three different missions in the game.

If you're a fan of the toys, or you enjoyed the first MASK game, then you will find MASK II just as much fun.

Reviewer: Andy Smith

C64/128, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Imminent
Spec, £7.99cs, Out Now
Ams, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Imminent
MSX, £7.99cs, Imminent

The CPC graphics are slightly superior, as is the gameplay, but there's a lot of fun to be had from both versions.


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Large sprites across colourful backgrounds make this a good-looking game. It's straightforward blasting good fun that won't overtax the brain and is a worthy successor to the original.


Sprites are cumbersome and have a blocky look, but they are colourful. Plays well, with plenty of speed and just as much fun as on the Spectrum.

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 75/100

1 hour: 85/100

1 day: 85/100

1 week: 70/100

1 month: 50/100

1 year: 20/100

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Amstrad version: That's you in Rhino - just what you need for smashing through boulders.