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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Pete Connor
Chris Bourne

More vicious, nasty gameplay from Gremlin.

Poor Matt Trakker, it seems like only yesterday that he had to rescue the President from the clutches of VENOM, then the vicious, evil, nasty etc. bunch snatch his very own son. So off he goes, giving Gremlin the plot for this third part in their Mask series.

Alex (that's Tracker Jr.) is being kept on a Venom base on the dark side of the moon. New weapons have been employed by the baddies, and this time Matt is on his own He sets off along a sideways scrolling landscape (which differs slightly from version to version - see boxes) avoiding Venom's weapons and trying to get through the various levels until he can find and rescue his nipper.

While the game isn't terribly original, it's very well constructed; there's plenty to shoot, the difficulty level is about right and the sound effects add to the overall effect. Newcomers to the series will find it pleasant enough, while fans of Mask (the games) will definitely want to investigate. It may not be a long-term challenge, but the short-term fun will be considerable.

Reviewer: Pete Connor

Ams, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Out Now
C64/128, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Out Now
Spec, £7.99cs, £12.99dk, Out Now

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 60/100
1 hour: 65/100
1 day: 65/100
1 week: 60/100
1 month: 40/100
1 year: 10/100

Lots of fun early on, but the excitement may not last over longer periods.


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Graphics and sound are, again, excellent. The layout differs slightly from ether versions, but the object is the same and the game plays in the same way. A frustrating point, though, is that you get only one life; you die much more quickly than you do with the Commodore's three.


Almost identical to the Spectrum, although the graphics are a little sharper. Again, the fact that you have only one life can be a trifle tedious.

Graphics: 7/10

Audio: 6/10

IQ Factor: 4/10

Fun Factor: 7/10

Ace Rating: 660/1000

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 60/100

1 hour: 65/100

1 day: 65/100

1 week: 60/100

1 month: 40/100

1 year: 10/100


Bright, colourful graphics and bouncy sound a added to instant playability. You get the option of using weapons and jump jet masks, but not the Penetrator for invisibility. The overall impression is of a smooth and very playable game.

Graphics: 8/10

Audio: 8/10

IQ Factor: 4/10

Fun Factor: 7/10

Ace Rating: 713/1000

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 70/100

1 hour: 75/100

1 day: 75/100

1 week: 68/100

1 month: 50/100

1 year: 10/100

Screenshot Text

Spectrum - Matt Tracker, using the Backlash mask, blasts his way through Venom's defences.

C64 - As soon as we unfreeze this screen, that boulder's going to do some real damage to our Matt.