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Greg A. Holmes, SP
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Know what this is in Italian? Yes, Masters Of The Universe™ — Il Film. Seriously. But whatever it's called, it's not to be confused with the 6,000 other Masters Of The Universe games that seem to have come out over the past two or three years, all of which I have now conveniently forgotten after loading this turkey up again. Did anyone say turkey? Listen, funsters, this gobbles at you off the shelf. And it's delicious with cranberry sauce. MOTU™ - TM is the official licence of the film of the toy of the TV cartoon series, and She-Ra has nothing to do with it at all (so stop leering - yes, Jenkinson you at the back). There are five sub-games in here somewhere, each based on events in the film, but none even remotely interesting. You begin by wandering through the streets of Smalltown USA, avoiding sprites which try to shoot you with bullets that would arrive faster if they were posted. You have to collect chords (which naturally are lying around on the street) and move to the scrapyard (Game Two) where you fight two of the Skeletor's most evil minions - if you can be bothered that is. Yes. this is very dull - the graphics are undistinguished and the whole game is balanced precariously between an out-and-out shoot 'em up and an arcade adventure exploration. As usual in these cases it doesn't work as either. In all, a disappointing tie-in (and good grief, we've seen a few of these in the past). There's less here than meets the eye.