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Greg A. Holmes, SP
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Kixx, Spectrum, £2.99

Both an arcade and adventure game were released to coincide with the Dolph Lundgren film. Both were popular in their respective fields. And it was this, the arcade version, that was first on budget.

He-man has escaped from castle Greyskulle and been transported to modern day America. To return to his world He-man has to collect eight chords to activate the musical cosmic key.

MOTU is set over six different levels providing lots of varied action, including an overhead view Gauntlet style sequence, a cross hair shoot out and stand up fight routines.

The original release wasn't too spectacular across most formats - indeed, it received (and deserved) a blistering ACE write-off. The Spectrum version was marginally more forgiveable and at three quid buys some varied challenges...