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DK'Tronics Ltd
Don Priestley
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: DK Tronics, 48K £5.95 (1)
Author: Don Priestley
This pure find-your-way-through-a-maze-and-escape game is among the best ever from DK. Simple in concept, its playability lies in the lovely graphics and its speed of play. The aim is to enter the maze and discover the gold, which will be at least 200 moves away. Embedded in the walls are many useful items like food and swords. Keep your strength up by eating and use the swords against the dreaded Maziacs. There are prisoners also embedded in the maze walls and they will tell you the shortest route to the gold by marking the path in yellow. This only lasts for a few seconds however. The swords only last for one attack, and without one an awful Maziac will surely kill you ogg. Once you've found the gold your problems really start as you can't carry both gold and a sword, so it makes sense to kill as many Maziacs as you can on the way in. The playing area shows one fiftieth of the total maze, but the VIEW facility shows you a twelfth. Excellent graphics and animation with plenty of detail. User-defined control key, joystick: Kempston and cursor joysticks via user-define. 4 skill levels, randomly generated maze each game. CRASH rating: highly recommended, overall 82% M/C.