Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Corrie Brown, Stephen Cathrall, Ryan Davis, Stewart McPherson, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

This is a text adventure based on the world famous explorer Captain Vito who, while on a scrounging mission for lithium crystals to fuel his spacecraft, has managed to be captured by space bandits. He has just one hour to escape before the air supply runs out.

Peter: Response time is average, which is just as well because there's a limit of one hour set on the game. It would have been more enjoyable had a little more humour been introduced.

Stewart: Location descriptions are brief to the point of being terse, and the accepted commands are very specific, with not many clues supplied. Funny, but the player takes the part of Captain Vito - so who on earth is McKensie?

Corrie: If you like adventures, but you are just a beginner, I would suggest you try something a bit easier.

Not Rated