Terminal Software
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Richard Price
Chris Bourne

Talking of doing worse we come to Terminal Software's Merlock the Mede. This double-sided production offers a graphic adventure on side one and a plain text game on side two. Merlock is meant to be some sort of time traveller but that has no real bearing on the games.

The graphics game is called The Deeds of Glengarry Hall and mainly consists of a search around a vast and empty mansion.

The plain text game is a straightforward search through another empty and fairly unresponsive landscape for Count Alucard the vampire. There are a few monsters to slay but, as the examine command keeps telling you, 'There is nothing of interest'. I'm afraid the only stunning thing about this game was its appalling grammar and almost total lack of punctuation. Viz... 'you are in the hallway of the rectory there was some steps up to the landing but they look to fallen down a long time ago.' Or... 'a peace of paper' and 'you can smell something fowl'. A rat I expect.

Publisher: Terminal Software
Price: £5.95
Memory: 48K