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Andrew J. Glaister
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


ASTEROIDS seems to be a popular game at the moment for both Sinclair machines and each version is better than the last. Meteoroids is an asteroid-type game for the Spectrum and is produced by Softek, a relative newcomer to the Sinclair scene. The meteors are three-dimensional and are of three types, ranging from small meteorites to large meteoroids.

The game is fast but even though you can score a maximum of 200 points for hitting a large meteoroid, a high score is difficult to achieve.

The player's ship can rotate in both directions, can move across the screen, and go into hyperspace. One added extra is a shield which can be used if the ship is about to be hit by a meteor. Each time the player fires the laser a volley of four shots blasts into space.

The instruction leaflet offers various methods for getting out of tight spots. Meteoroids is produced by Softek, London SE24. It costs £4.95.

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