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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Vehicle Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Miami Vice, eh? What a programme. But this has got nothing to do with it. Honest. It's just got a name that sounds slightly similar. And it looks a it like it. But that's it - really! The Codies have probably never even watched Miami Vice, being much too busy thinking up original scenarios for their games.

The fact that you're a renegade cop cruising round in a big white Ferrari is, of course, puce coincidence, and if anyone suggests anything to the contrary I suggest you blow them away with your car's built-in gun. Although what you should really be doing is mopping up Miami's bad guys before tPe 48 hour amnesty that the mayor's given runs out. There are five of them on the loose (baddies, that is) and they'rr all highly dangerous.

Have a quick peek and the screenshot (go on) and you'll quickly spot that this is a standard Codies bird's-eye-view driving game. Ho hum. You've got to drive round in your difficult-to-control car avoiding walls, innocent traffic and other perils while trying to spot the baddies on your radar. The only other things you've got to worry about are police cars, who keep stopping you, holding you up for ages and then letting you go.

The graphics? They're okay, and give a fair impression of scrolling smoothly (even if they don't). The sound? Typical Codies music. Any good? Generally? No, not really. Miami Chase isn't actually bad as such, but it simply isn't any fun to play. Sorry, but it isn't.

A boring driving/maze game. There's not a lot more you can say about it really.


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To jump or not to jump, that is the question. (Yep, things are that bad.)