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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Palmer
Chris Bourne

The title of this game may well have been chosen to avoid the obvious embarrassment of calling it Craps but Bug Byte'll now probably have a lawsuit slapped on it for taking the name of a telly programme (almost) in vain! Shame though as this is a well presented, well implemented version of that infamous American dice game Craps.

Gameplay is very straightforward, you simply bet on the number which comes up when two dice are thrown though it gets a little more complicated when you start to work out the protocol surrounding the way in which the throw passes from player to player.

Displayed on the screen are four players and the croupier gathered round a craps table. There's some pretty basic animation of the dice being thrown and some suitable comments from the players when they win or gamble away their fortunes. You place your bets by calling up a window that you can then use to scroll over the table to place a bet - it's a nice touch but it'd have been better with a diagram of the table included with the packaging so you'd know at a glance exactly where to go on the table to place the bet you want.

If you fancy yourself as the Cincinatti Kid and want to experience some real Craps then this is the one for you.