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Ocean Software Ltd
Adrian Sherwin
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Passey, Matthew Uffindell
Chris Bourne

This is a variation on the theme, basically the same in essence but a few points have changed. There are still six cities but no missile or laser bases. Your defence missiles 'appear' from the centre of the screen, leaving no trace behind them, They take off at angles, altering their flight path to reach their destination (detonation!) point. They appear to be fired in groups of two with a slight pause between groups. Explosions caused by the missiles are nice, big, smooth balloon types, very similar to the original. Incoming missiles, which split at lower levels, do leave a trace. Due to the wrap around screen, any going off one side will reappear from the other. I liked this added touch. The graphics are smooth (pixel movement). There is also a spy satellite, but no aircraft or smart bombs. The colour at one point spoils the game by altering whole character squares when explosions occur (only on the light blue screen). Generally control is quite easy but the Kempston option is obviously far better. Although 5 skill levels are provided the game is not really challenging enough (perhaps because it is easer to control than most of the others). This is the best of the two Armageddons, and fairly good overall.

Armageddon by Ocean is Kempston compatible although you don't really need a joystick because of the good keyboard layout and fairly easy game. The cross wire sight is moved in a very controllable amnner. You are allowed 32 plasma boltsa to defend yourself, which produce a fairly rounded explosion, not too bad at all. Every so often an odd looking space ship passes overhead and fires bombs at you. The sound is good but the colour is only average used. Not such a demanding game, so its value is lessened.