MC Lothlorien Ltd
Steve Hughes
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K
Unspecified custom loader

7 (Supplement)
Richard Price
Chris Bourne

HAVE YOU wondered how your computer corrects the errors in your programs? Electronics buffs may mutter something about currents or pulses but if you have played Micro Mouse by Lothlorien you will know that there is a harassed rodent rushing around the Basic lines spraying bugs with Datakill.

The screen display shows a short program. The determined insects pace about stealing essential figures and letters from the display while Mouse, our helpful hero, goes to the corner storage boxes to collect and re-locate them in their proper place.

If Mouse is carrying a letter it is unable to use its can of spray. The more he is trodden on by the bugs, the more letters are interfered with. If he does not get on with the job fast enough the system will crash.

Action is smoothly machine-coded and the graphics are attractive and colourful. The idea is novel and quirky though there is not the excitement which gives an arcade game a compulsive appeal. Despite that, the game becomes progressively difficult and provides good entertainment in a new style.

Richard Price

Memory: 16K
Price: £5.95
Joystick: Kempston