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Martech Games Ltd
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
SpeedLock 4

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

Supplier: Martech
Version Tested: Spectrum

IT'S 2032 AD and the world is not a safe place. You are the Supreme Commander of the UNN - The Armageddon Man: your mission is to keep the peace between the rival nations, using all available resources to ensure that nuclear war does not break out. You are resident in an enormous and sophisticated satellite codenamed Olympus, where you control a network of spy and laser defence satellites.

In this icon-driven strategy game the screen is split into two main sections. A map of the world occupies the top right comer while the five main icons displayed to the left and across the bottom of the screen are your means of controlling the game, your satellite icon means you can secretly listen to messages. The communication icon is divided into In and Out trays enabling you to read and send messages. The radio monitoring icon, enabling you to receive radio messages; some of these though need a fair bit of decoding.

Armageddon Man's gameplay depends largely on the memo's which pop onto the screen throughout the game; they demand action either immediately or in the future, and how you respond to them determines the course of events. Firing off a stiff note reprimanding two powers who aren't getting along can defuse an explosive situation, if you just ignore events then sooner or later there's going to be a nuclear war.

Since maintaining peace and stability are your main objectives, you must ensure that countries have a sound economy and that they are getting along with the other countries. And military stability is, of course, particularly important.

There's nothing graphically outstanding in the program but Armageddon Man has a lot to offer; the deeper you get into it the more rewarding it becomes. Note though, that The Armageddon Man is a game more for the seasoned strategist than the dabbler.

Reviewer: Andy Smith

Spectrum, £12.95cs, Out Now
Amstrad, £12.95cs, £19.95dk, Imminent
C64/128, £12.95cs, £13.95dk, Imminent

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 5/10
1 hour: 6/10
1 day: 7/10
1 week: 6/10
1 month: 4/10
1 year: 3/10

Good screen design.
Reasonable but nothing special.
Can become very involved.
Not a game you pick up and play for just half an hour.