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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Yes. he's back! "Fast, frantic 3D action - as fast as a real arcade game! BRILLIANT!" Good ol' David, you can always rely on him for sound and solid good sense. There's also the usual photo of the brothers inside with the "David and Richard Darling first started writing computer games when they were still in their early teens and still at school!" blurb. I think we know that by now, eh, Specchums? Even so, I find myseif agreeing with most of David's hopelessly over-the-top assessment of his own company's game. "Fast" - yes. "Frantic" - very much so. "3D action" - no doubt about that one. "As fast as a real arcade game" - well, it is, just about. There only one word I don't find myself agreeing with - "BRILLIANT" 'Cos while this is indeed an immensely swift 3D shoot 'em up (inspired by the Afterburner school of coin-op) there's very little actual game here. There's nothing much to see, and what you can see amid the mayhem is not that well drawn either. But my word it's fast. I just get the impression that once they had sorted out the speed there wasn't really much room left for anything else - like a game. A good try, but defeated, as so often, by the Speccy's manifold limitations. So let's change that entirely unbiased review of DD's to "Fast, frantic 3D action - as fast as a real arcade game! Pretty rubbishy, actually." Much more like it, isn't it?