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Mastertronic Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

If there's one thing budget labels always seem to do well, it's these little puzzley things. ones featuring coloured blocks seem to crop up particularly frequently and, as chance would have it, Mindtrap is one such game.

In this case, you move the blocks around by rotating groups of four of them through 90' about a central axis, if you see what I mean. The ultimate aim is to get them all lined up in columns of the same colour before the timer runs down, at which point you'll move onto the next of the 999,999 levels.


Yeah, there're rather a lot, really. Shame they couldn't make it to 1,000,000 which would have been quite an achievement, but that still works out to about (prod, prod...) 25 screens for every byte of free memory. Not bad going. You're not expected to sit through from start to end in one sitting though. Good Lord no. There's a passwor dsystem (32 letters and numbers to scribble down per level), so you can split up the (prod, prod...) 40,000-odd hours it would take to complete them all into manageable chunks of, say, four hours a day. Keep that up every day and it would take you (prod, prod, prod...) 27 years to finish the game. Not bad for a couple of quid.

I'm hooked. Buy it.