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Accolade Inc
Chris Fayers
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Phil King, Nick Roberts, Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne


Move over Nick Faldo and Co, this is a program which shows how the game should really be played...

Having paid for putter and ball you, and up to three friends, choose which of four courses to make fools of yourselves on - Deluxe, Classic, Traditional or Challenge -then input a suitably silly names, like Ian Woosnam. Each of the courses have nine holes and - if you're a real boring fuddy-duddy - you can practise any of them before playing a course in full.

Once in play the main part of the screen shows a bird's eye view of whichever part of the putting green you're mucking about on. Below that there's a control panel with a map of the complete hole, power and direction bars, score card and a rather daft (or flattering, depending on who you are) picture of you. Once you've placed the cursor where you'd like the ball to go, then set the suitable power and direction (left /right) bars by two presses on the fire button.

On first playing I was disappointed there were no windmills or such like, just patches of arrows which alter the direction of the ball. However upon selecting the Classic course I was pleased to discover hazards such as a space shuttle, elephant, jet and even the Taj Mahal.

Graphic presentation of the course is just adequate, except for the Classic's obstacles which are quite nicely drawn. With no need to pick a club, watch the wind speed and so on Mini-Putt is really easy to get into - but hard to master. A good, fun game for armchair sportsmen everywhere.

MARK … 80%

Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: a mixture of simple arrows and well-drawn large obstacles
Sound: not much, but it isn't important
Options: up to four players can take part on any of four courses. Practise any hole option


'I remember playing this sort of thing at the seaside when I was knee-high to a sheep, so I really enjoyed Mini-Putt. One problem is how important luck can be - sometimes you just whack the ball and it goes straight into the hole. Still that's part of the real game. Recommended even for non-golfers and sane people like Mark.' PHIL ... 71%

'This is one to keep crazy for ages. The way the ball moves, and the different power settings, all work fine and the Classic course in particular is great fun. In short a refreshing change from the Leader Board-type golf games which should keep you, and some friends, alternately giggling and cursing that darn elephant's trunk.' NICK … 68%

General Rating: Not in the same class as Leaderboard, but an amusingly goofy golf game.


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Practise each hole before playing a full round.

Try to 'read' the slopes to judge where the ball will go.

When putting through a moving object, keep the fire button pressed after selecting the accuracy, the ball will only start moving when you let go.

Try to use the slopes to help the ball into the hole.