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Silversoft Ltd
Jeremy Brown
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


SILVERSOFT is not exaggerating very much when it calls one of its new releases Mission Impossible. Something like a cross between Frogger and Lunar Landing, the game features a space vessel which has been sent to rescue a group of astro-miners trapped on Titan.

As it descends from the mothership, the vessel has to avoid a barrage of meteors, any of which will destroy it, and it has to drop squarely on a landing pad if it is not to crash. On the way up, a host of alien spacecraft bar your way bit you can blast them with your laser, scoring points each time. Finally, connecting with the mothership is as difficult an operation as landing successfully.

The game promises 50 screens of ever-increasing difficulty but unless you are an expert arcade player you are unlikely to get beyond the first screen. Less expert players will find the game finishes very quickly and will have to wait for the title screen to appear and clear again before starting another game, which could prove discouraging.

The graphics are simple and it seems likely that only those with a taste for difficulty will find this a rewarding exercise. Mission Impossible is obtainable from Silversoft, London House, 271/273 King Street, London W6, and costs £5.95.

Not Rated