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Zenobi Software
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tim Kemp
Chris Bourne

Neo-Maoist Fundamentalists! The United European Republic! Sino-Arabian Alliance! The Republican Army of New Mesopotamia! Oh yes, and Aliens too. What does it all mean? Well for a start, this is the future and there's a touch of the old full scale thermonuclear-type war lurking in the background. You're one of the lucky ones (?) chosen to dwell in purpose-built bunkers and help prepare for life after the big bang. With the passing of time your 'mission' seems pointless, and it's only when you awake one day to find a strange note from a friend telling of the slaughter and mayhem that took place as you slept that the game itself begins...

Being a Quill-ed adventure most of the commands stick to the good old verb/noun format. From the note you find at the start of the game you discern that it's a bit toxic and dangerous outside, and the stern warning to 'kit-up' should be heeded.

Right from the start there are minor tasks to complete, body searches to carry out and pass cards to collect. Most of the first half is fairly straightforward, there aren't many red herrings so most of the items you pick up will have a use at some stage in the game. The items themselves are varied and have logical uses. Experienced adventurers will shoot through this post-apocalyptic tale pretty darn quick. Nevertheless, it's interesting from start to finish as you never quite know what unpleasant surprises await you. A good first game from newcomer Geoff Lynas.