Leisure Genius
Mat Buckland
Board Game
ZX Spectrum 48K
SpeedLock 1

Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Rick: Does following the traumas of Uncle Clive in the market place put too much strain on the old ticker? Why not relax and put your greenbacks into where the real bunce is - simple low down, land and property. Leisure Genius's adaption of Waddington's classic board game Monopoly could be just the start you need - gazump your girlfriend, bankrupt your brother and mortgage your mother in this fun family game!

As Monopoly imitates life, so leisure Genius has unerringly simulated it for the computer. Technically, nothing would appear to be missing from the original. And there are added bonuses - your snotty brother can't kick the board over 'cos he's 'the boot' again or 'cos he's landed on your Regent Street with 4 hotels for the eighth time (tee hee!). More importantly, there's a facility for playing by yourself for all you lonely hearts Monopoly fans. Trading with other players seems slower than in the board version - and not so much fun - it's hard to haggle and shout abuse on a TV screen (for some at least).

I also missed the crackle of new £50 toy-town notes between my fingers - and piling up my placcy houses and hotels. Otherwise it's a worthy if hardly imaginative translation, staying loyal to the original but you probably expect a little more from your computer games. 6/10

Ross: An excellent conversion from the original, albeit slightly harder to have an enjoyable game. This one gets my vote! 8/10

Dougie: As with most computer games based on a board game, this lacks something on the TV Screen. I still prefer to get out the board and sit in the middle of the room with the family. 7/10