Romik Software
Dave Noonan
Arcade: Maze
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 16K

14 (Supplement)
Chris Bourne

MAZE GAMES for the Spectrum are being produced in ever-greater quantities. In some cases that is justified - a maze game can be exciting, skilful, and even original. 3D Monster Chase is none of those things.

A standard, three-dimensional representation of a maze is shown, through which the player must move to find ever-increasing numbers of keys and to defuse the bombs which, for no good reason, appear whenever keys are found. An additional feature is the monsters, resembling three-legged Easter eggs, which can kill the hapless maze-farer unless bombed out of existence by the grenades provided.

Mazes are such a standard feature of Spectrum software that the monsters in them must be spectacular enough, or the purpose exciting enough, to tempt the player to enter. Being killed or finding a key in this game both produce similar feelings of lack of concern in the player.

Produced for the Spectrum by Romik Software Ltd, 277 Argyll Avenue, Slough, Berkshire.

Memory: 16K
Price: £6.99