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Martin Lewis
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Softek, 16K £5.95
Author: Martin Lewis
Above the flickering fires of hell are six platforms connected by eight ladders. Your man has a hammer with which he can knock holes in the platforms for monsters to fall through, or be can bang them on the head with it. All the while the power drain is enormous - visiting the flickering crosses replenishes it, but they move once used, so you can't just hammer holes and isolate yourself from the monsters. Kill off 25 of the lesser idiots and the cleverer ghouls appear; ten of those despatched and the Mad Monk's clones appear. Ghouls must fall three levels to die, clones four, but the next lot can only die in the fires of hell itself. While the graphics are attractive, the lack of screen changes could make the game boring to play after a while and it's really a no-win game. Nine lives to help, machine code, no joystick option.