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Code Masters Ltd
Gambling: Games
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Richard Eddy, Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Ever fancied being a millionaire, like that Skippy bloke, with fast cars, fast girls and pots of dough? Well, now you can (until you turn the computer off, anyway) with this new game from the masters of budget, Code Masters.

You are issued with £10,000 and told to gamble to your heart's delight in the Monte Carlo Casino. With five well known games packed in, there should be something to your taste. You can chop and change from one game to another, keeping the amount of cash you have lost or won on the previous game (ooo just like real life!). There's Five Card Draw Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Jackpot Machine and Craps (I beg your pardon, this is a respectable magazine!).

Two are card based, one uses dice, one a spinning wheel and the last a good old fruit machine. A favourite is the fruit machine, probably because it's the easiest to win loads of cash on!

Graphics are in the CodeMasters neat and colourful style now. All the people around the tables shuffling cards and looking worried about their life savings are drawn in Rock Star Ate My Hamster style. There's plenty of colour to be enjoyed, plus lots of jingles, tunes and sound effects. If you are addicted to gambling, but can't afford this expensive hobby, get Monte Carlo Casino, it's cheaper in the long run!