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Jon Dyte, Nick
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mark Manning, Johnathan Norman, George Price
Chris Bourne

You've been sent to an alien world where you will be attacked by spacecraft from above and missiles. To overcome all this you have an armed moon buggy, whose only refinement is a sort of pogo stick that helps you jump across craters.

Mark: This has some of the best graphics I've seen for some time. It's a pity there's hardly any sound, but the game's very playable, and worth looking out for in the shops. HIT

Johnathan: It's a good copy of the arcade version, with small, smooth and very detailed graphics and a high-score table that's not too difficult to get into. The idea's fun. MISS

George: Well, aliens with three arms and hands might be able to handle the buggy with ease, but I as a human being found it virtually impossible. It's quite good fun. HIT